• Human Security

    • Commercial & Domestic Property

    • Manufacturing & Industrial

    • Retail

    • Mall / Shopping Centre

    • ATM Counters

    • Telecom Towers

  • Electronic Security

    • Intregated Security Systems

    • CCTV Surveillance

    • System Upgrades

  • Events Management

    • Maximum Safety

    • Specialist Personnel

    • VIP Security

    • Planning and Preparation

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আবেদনকারীদের উদ্দেশ্যে জানানো যাইতেছে যে অনলাইন আবেদনের আগে ভালো করে নোটিফিকেশন পরে নেবেন এবং নোটিফিকেশন এ উল্লেখ্য পোস্ট অনুযায়ী আবেদন করবেন।

In case of any query with respect to online application and fee payment, the applicants may contact the helpline at VSIL Helpdesk (0381-2957725 / 9774387332/ 7630968500).

AGMC হাসপাতাল এর সিকিউরিটি গার্ড এর ভর্তির শেষ তারিখ ২৫-০৬-২০২২

Why Us

Our team

More and more customers are looking for greater value from their spend on business services. They demand a solutions-based approach that looks at the nature and detail of work processes and the skills and priorities of the people involved in the delivery of these services. Visual recognizes this need and has built its business platform on these values and deliverables. read more..

Our Infrastructure

In order to provide quality service, we give priority to active on-the-ground supervision. In this regard, a strong operations team comprising of Managers, Area Officers, Inspectors, and Patrol Supervisors, who are equipped with Radio Communications & Mobile Phones, carry out checks at all our client facilities on a 24x7basis. In any business, response to emergency situations is what makes the difference. At Visual our operational team is well trained to handle such situations and are motivated and equipped to react both effectively and efficiently and on time, every time. Visual Securas is committed to ensuring that there is never a gap between services promised and services delivered. We place the greatest value on partnership with our customers and on innovative management practices which promote employee involvement, skills enhancement and exceptional work performance. read more..

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